pCPA Transition Update — June 23, 2023

The pCPA continues the transition to a stand-alone organization with the expectation that this process will be completed in the summer.

The leadership team is now in place and is working to ensure the organization is well-positioned to leverage the opportunities and address the challenges generated by a rapidly changing pharmaceutical environment. Their titles and a summary of their background are as follows:

  • Dominic Tan – Senior Director of Negotiations and Outcomes: Dominic was previously the Senior Manager of the pCPA Office, and he brings extensive experience to the organization, including roles in provincial government. He resides in British Columbia.
  • Genevieve C. Gagnon – Director of Communications, Engagement and Issues Management: Genevieve is a seasoned public affairs and knowledge translation strategist with a proven track record in leadership positions within various healthcare organizations. She lives in Québec.
  • Gavrielle Tran – Director of Corporate Services: Gavrielle is a chartered professional accountant (CPA, CMA) who has held leadership roles in government, membership-based organizations, and the business and non-profit sectors. She lives in British Columbia.
  • Nisha Kassam – Director of Strategy and Decision Support: Nisha is a practising pharmacist who has previously served in leadership positions in government, as well as the health technology assessment and regulatory sectors. Nisha lives in Ontario.

Additional staff members have also been hired into management positions and are helping advance the goals outlined in the strategic plan. As a result of this additional capacity, the pCPA is looking forward to engaging with key stakeholders on areas of shared interest and potential collaboration. Stakeholders should note that future communication from the pCPA will originate from the email domain @pcpacorp.ca.

As we continue to build out our team, capacity will significantly increase to support the organization’s goals of improving efficiency, ensuring business sustainability, and expediting negotiation timelines. We acknowledge that timelines have been impacted due to the transition but expect them to improve through the fall.

The process of appointing a new CEO is nearing completion and another stakeholder update will be issued once the decision is finalized. At that time, detailed information about the incoming CEO's background, experience and mandate will be provided.