The governance of the pCPA is as follows:

  • Provincial and Territorial Deputy Ministers of Health
    • Responsible for overseeing the initiatives of the pCPA and appointing a chair of the Governing Council.
  • Governing Council
    • Represented by each individual responsible for the drug plan in his or her jurisdiction.
    • Lead the pCPA and the pCPA office, engage in knowledge sharing on jurisdictional priorities, issues and concerns that impact the Canadian health system, identify and direct initiatives that require collective leadership and action.
  • Management Committee
    • Representatives selected from Governing Council and Drug Plan Leads. 
    • Execute the strategic direction of the Governing Council, address issues or disputes that may arise in negotiations, provide direction and assistance to Drug Plan Leads, provide managerial direction to the pCPA Office, and carry out any additional functions that may be assigned by the Governing Council.
  • Drug Plan Leads
    • Operational leaders for the implementation of pCPA initiatives for each jurisdiction.
    • Provide jurisdictional perspectives in negotiation process and work with the pCPA office to improve the efficiency and effectiveness across jurisdictions.


Members of the pCPA Governing Council

Alberta Chad Mitchell Assistant Deputy Minister 
British Columbia Mitch Moneo Assistant Deputy Minister (Vice-Chair, Acting) 
Manitoba Patricia Caetano  Executive Director 
New Brunswick Mark Wies Assistant Deputy Minister
Newfoundland & Labrador John McGrath (A) Assistant Deputy Minister
Northwest Territories Derek Elkin Assistant Deputy Minister
Nova Scotia Natalie Borden Executive Director
Nunavut Donna Mulvey Territorial Director
Ontario Patrick Dicerni Assistant Deputy Minister; Executive Officer
Prince Edward Island Lori Ellis Director of Health Workforce Planning and Pharmacy
Quebec Lucie Opatrny Assistant Deputy Minister
Saskatchewan Mark Wyatt Assistant Deputy Minister (Chair)
Yukon Amy Riske Assistant Deputy Minister
Federal Scott Doidge Director General