pCPA Transition Update – April 4, 2023

The pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance is continuing the transition to a stand-alone organization including recruiting key leaders and ensuring all necessary operational supports are in place.

The process to identify the new CEO continues and is on track to have the successful candidate in place later this spring. Executive search firm Odgers Berndtson has prepared a short list of highly qualified candidates and will soon make their recommendation. The new CEO will ensure the pCPA leverages the new organization’s increased autonomy to better respond to the rapidly changing pharmaceutical landscape while delivering on the pCPA mandate.

Progress is also being made recruiting for the additional leadership positions at the pCPA. A significant number of candidates have applied for these roles from across Canada. The innovative mandate and reputation of the pCPA are key factors in this high level of interest in joining the organization. It is expected that all senior roles will be filled by the end of April. As we continue with the transition, stakeholders can expect to receive communication originating from the pCPA Corp email domain.

While the pCPA’s goal is to minimize disruptions throughout the ongoing transition period, the organization recognizes that timelines for some negotiations may be impacted. Some delays may continue through the spring given the scale of the transition. It is expected that negotiations will advance more quickly through the summer as capacity and expertise is expanded and internal processes are optimized. While reducing negotiation timelines is an important goal for the pCPA, our ultimate objective is to conduct successful negotiations that prioritize patient needs and evidence-informed decisions, which requires taking the necessary time to ensure that we achieve the best outcome for Canadians.

Once the transition is complete, the pCPA will be engaging with external stakeholders to explore additional ways to optimize its negotiation processes and increase transparency while respecting the confidentiality of negotiations. Options to expedite access to clinically relevant and cost-effective drugs through successful negotiations will also be reviewed. Through these engagements, stakeholders will also have the opportunity to learn more about the pCPA’s strategic priorities and provide their feedback.

The pCPA is committed to regular communications with external stakeholders and further updates will be provided as the transition process continues.