The pCPA Inaugural Report, Marking a Year of Transformation

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October 26, 2023 – The pCPA Board of Directors is thrilled to release the organization’s inaugural report, a report that is a testament to the transformative nature of this past year.  

This important milestone is the culmination of the revitalization process that started in late 2022, when the pCPA became an independent, not‑for‑profit organization. “Without a doubt, this has been a landmark year for the organization,” says Mitch Moneo, chair of the pCPA Board of Directors. “The pCPA has a long record of achievements, and its new structure establishes the foundation for the pCPA to move forward as both a proactive and responsive stand-alone organization, more readily able to adapt to a changing environment.”

The report highlights our organization's journey from becoming incorporated, to establishing a dynamic leadership team, to appointing our first chief executive officer, Douglas Clark. Doug brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the organization. Combined with a skilled and dedicated team, this new leadership will propel the organization to new heights while staying true to our core objectives to:

  • Increase access to relevant and cost-effective treatments
  • Achieve consistent and lower drug costs
  • Reduce duplication and optimize resource utilization
  • Improve consistency in funding decisions

Check out the inaugural report to learn more about the last year and what the future holds for the pCPA.