Transition to a stand-alone organization now complete

The pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance is pleased to announce that our transition to a stand-alone organization is now complete.

This new organization structure will help the pCPA more effectively achieve its four core objectives: (1) increasing access to clinically relevant and cost-effective treatments; (2) achieving consistent and lower drug costs; (3) improving consistency in funding decisions; and (4) reducing duplication and optimizing resource utilization.

As we announced in June, a new leadership team is now in place and working to ensure the organization is well-positioned to leverage the opportunities and address the challenges generated by a rapidly changing pharmaceutical environment. Many former staff from the previous organization have transitioned to similar roles and a number of new team members have joined from across the country, reflecting the organization’s pan-Canadian mandate. We will continue our recruiting over the coming months to fill remaining positions, and as such our capacity will increase throughout the fall.

The process of appointing our first CEO is nearing completion, and a successful candidate will be in place in early fall. Another stakeholder update will be issued in the coming weeks to announce our CEO.

As a result of our transition, all pCPA team members are now using a email domain. We encourage you to add their new email addresses to your contacts, to ensure you don’t miss any communications from the pCPA. Stakeholders who experience any difficulty reaching a particular team member can contact [email protected] to request assistance. We look forward to continuing our work with you as the new stand-alone pCPA.