pCPA Strategic Plan 2022 - 2024

Ten years after its creation, the pCPA has evolved from a start-up to a more formal organization, facing new challenges and a changing pharmaceutical environment. In 2019 an organizational review was conducted to assess the pCPA’s current and prospective future roles.

The findings of this review have informed our strategic revitalization, which includes the creation of our first strategic plan, a key milestone in the evolution of the pCPA. This plan outlines our vision, mandate, strategic priorities, and guiding principles that will set the direction for the pCPA over the next three years.

Our Vision

To demonstrate collective leadership through value-driven investments in effective treatments that improve the health of Canadians and preserve a sustainable publicly funded health system in Canada.

Our Mandate

To conduct collective, expert-informed negotiations and achieve the pCPA objectives:

  • Increase access to clinically relevant and cost-effective treatments
  • Achieve consistent and lower drug costs
  • Reduce duplication and optimize resource utilization
  • Improve consistency in funding decisions

Our Guiding Principles

These principles guide our interaction internally with our colleagues and externally with our partners and community.

  • We maintain accountability for our decisions.
  • We demonstrate integrity in how we work.
  • We strive for quality in all that we do.
  • We foster inclusion and diversity in all our collaborations.
  • We encourage openness and transparency with our colleagues, partners, and community while respecting confidentiality of negotiations.

Our Strategic Priorities

The pCPA strategic plan is centered on the following priorities which will be our focus for the next three years.

  • Operational Excellence
  • Working Better Together
  • Purpose Driven Partnerships
  • Organizational Resilience